GraFX Army
My name is Eric Stokes. I am the creator, organizer, Artist(Music and Design) and leader of GraFX Army.
I have been creating Art ever since I was a child, drawing sketches on paper and eventually grew into the digital era and adopted Digital Art as my main passion as a human being discovering things and observing.
Art is ESSENTIAL to every degree of Life. Art tells a story in so many different ways and allows you to give something truly unique and further more, special, to the viewer. You are sharing far more than just an expression. You are giving them a taste of PURE FANTASY made real by seeing and believing, suspending one's own natural beliefs to adopt the epic stories played out on the screens with beautifully rendered CG elements that WE CREATED.

I want to create a team of like minded individuals who have the patience and dedication to see a complete project through from beginning to end.
Each individual must be unique and offer a creative contribution to the table with fresh and original designs and ideas. GraFX Army is a force of different talents and minds. GraFX Army is a Militia who demand to be noticed!
We want to be known for our Films (both Animated and Live Actor films)
We want to give the entire world beautiful stories filled with action and suspense. explore topics rarely seen and should be seen. GraFX Army demands War on the Mind of The Viewer!

What follows is a complete breakdown of the Branches and SPECIAL UNITS. Once again, my name is Eric stokes, I will be training all applicants in the ways of how we do things at GraFX Army, I will provide you with the confidence you need to work under the umbrella and carry out the tasks with perfect understanding. GraFX Army is a family and we want for it to feel that way too. Each individually is treated equally with RESPECT. We aim to set examples for all wherever we go in the world, our name must at all times remain intact.
GraFX Army is: an Art Studio that boasts of cutting edge technology software Pipelines.
A complete team of Master Digital and Traditional Artists.

GraFX Army is A Company with the goal of creating: top notch Animated Films. Beatiful Films and Shorts. Graphic Design Services (Cover Art(CDs, DVDs, BluRay, HDDVD, etc.) Logos, Ads, Flyers, Websites, Magazines, Photography, Special FX)

GraFX Army is A Union... A carefully selected and tried Army of Artists with different skills and talents who come together for one purpose: Designing the Next Level Of Art!
As a Union we decide who handles what projects, organized departments act as a hierarchy.
The Hierarchy has different tiers of ranks. Leaders are Directors and make sure the division they govern is kept on time and on point.
GraFX Army is LITERALLY set up in Army/Military fashion; everything is carefully strategized over and executed as if each project is a battle in a War.

What the GraFX Army does:
We are an Art House and require the respectives Studios to be comfortably housed in one location.
GraFX Army is a title for a division; the Division is made up of branches; the branches are:

Design is EVERYTHING that needs to be crafted and designed from scratch. The Concept Artists will usually be the ones who decide WHAT is designed. Other times -if not a majority of the time- The Designers will create things from scratch.
Design handles...
3D Modeling - modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, set design, cloth, hair, Water/Liquid simulation, Character Design, Walk Design, Lip Synching, Choreography, Object Design, Props and FX.
2D Design - basically the exact same thing as 3D Modelling but in the 2D sense. 2D Designers also design the Keyframes in 2D Animation. The Animators will build off of the Keyframes.
Cover Art
Graphics for Web

Animation handles EVERYTHING that is digital and moves. this includes 3d CG and 2D CG as well as hand drawn cartoons and animation sequences. Animation will be handled with 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and Traditional Paper and sometimes with cutouts and clay animation. Animation also handles Tracking and Camera Matching as well as Motion Capture.

The Film Branch is everything that involves Films, Short Films,  Television and other Video mediums and outlets. Film has branches within itself: Script Writers, Staff and Crew, Directors, Actors, Voice Actors, Producers, Wardrobe and Set Design, Makeup, Scouts. Film and Animation go hand in hand in many respects and therefore will work closely together on a majority of projects. this also further solidifies the need for a facility that is big enough to house everything and everybody we need.

|Special FX|
The Special FX department is where the company must TRULY shine. Animation, Film, Television Programs and others, NEED the BEST in Special FX to make them more believable.
Special FX will be hired out to work on other company's projects and the sort, Mainly, The Special FX unit will be the backbone of GraFX Army. The Special FX team will ALL need to be equally or exceedingly versed in PhotoShop, Flash, Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, ZBrush, Mudbox, XSI, After Effects, Smoke, Flint, Flame, Toxik, Voodoo, Boujou, Un Wrapping, Motion Capture, Match Moving, Blue/Green Screen FX, File Formats, Render Operators, Render Farms, Networks, Programming, MEL, MaxScript, Animation, 3D Design, 2D Design, Drawing, Writing.
We have a high demand in EACH individual team member, this way we cut costs by keeping our staff low in numbers and high in skills and proficiency.

GraFX Army has a very SPECIAL UNIT of highly skilled writers who will write EVERYTHING from scripts, treatments, blueprints to one liners on DVDs and Articles on Web, Blogs, Social Media and Magazines/Ezines.
Writing is a delicate Art and we are more than glad to become the homes of well crafted creative writers who excel in their art with vivid use of word imagery. Writing is a skill that requires mastery to truly stand out from the crowd; afterall EVERYBODY has written something before!

The Web team is another SPECIAL UNIT of GraFX Army.
The Web Team handles the Company's Official, Blog, Web Marketing and Advertisement. Social Media, Personelle, Design and business. A special service of The Web Team is to train others who are outside of our company, in the ways of The World Wide Web and EVERYTHING that goes along with it. This service is a very nice way for the GraFX Army to earn money for the Staff and the Company.

|Concept Artists/Intelligence|
A Special Unit that fleshes out ALL designs while The Designers Create them.
This unit includes drawing, painting, Scale Model building, Storyboards, and story pitching.
concept Artists have other tasks as well: Media Investigators (they investigate all avenues of media and plot out strategies for techniques to employ, new ways of approaching old things, smoothing out bumps in the road. They let us know what is going on in the world of Graphics and Multimedia and act as Ninjas!
Intelligence also sets up Social Media Accounts to use to interact with the public on behalf of The GraFX Army, they keep the name strong in various outlets.

Probably the most important branch is SOUND. What the audience hears is EVERYTHING. Sound is what further makes us believe something we see, sound also can make us FEEL what we see.
The Sound Team handles:
Film & Animation Score
Music & Audio Production
Sound Design & Sound FX
Sound Library
Mixing & Mastering
Voice Overs

This is the all important one!
The Pipeline is always the most critical aspect of a company, the pipeline includes tools that the staff will need to be comfortable with using as the entire company will be using the same pipeline to integrate every piece of every project, created by each team and unit, into one final product.
I will layout the software used within the pipeline and i will split them into their respective fields.
All applicants, please take note of the software. if you want to join The GraFX Army you will need to be well versed with the required software for the position applied for.
You don't have to know ALL of the programs in the required field but it does look better on your skill sets in your resume. it also eliminates the need for a bigger team

Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash Pro
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Encore
AutoDesk 3D Studio MAX
AutoDesk Maya
AutoDesk Mudbox
AutoDesk XSI
Autodesk Toxik
E-on Software's Vue xStream
Pixologic's ZBrush
Manga Studio


AutoDesk 3D Studio Max
AutoDesk Maya
AutoDesk XSI
AutoDesk MotionBuilder
AutoDesk Toxik
E-on Software's Vue xStream
2D3 Boujou
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
NewTek LightWave
Anime Studio
SynFig Studio
MEL - Maya Embedded Language
Plugins (will be decided during productions)

Knowledge of Film, Film History and Aesthetics
Knowledge of Video Cameras - Film and Digital; SD and HD
DV Principles
Film Principles
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Encore
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools
Red Giant Plug Ins
Sony Vegas

same as Design and Animation but there is an emphasis placed on Particle Systems, Cloth Simulators, Dynamics Simulators, Rag Dolling, Rigging, CG Explosives, Set Design, Composition, RotoScoping, Blue Screen/Green Screen and all of the various plug ins contained within each program. This unit is SOLELY responsible for creating all the glitz and glam of films and Animation.

Final Draft
Final Draft A/V
Microsoft Word
Google Blogger
Web 2.0
Adobe DreamWeaver
Internet Protocols

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Flash Pro
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Device Central
Adobe Extendscript
Web 2.0
Google Blogger
Internet Protocols
Web Hosting & Servers
Team Management

DigiDesign's Pro Tools
Steinberg Cubase
Presonus Studio One
PropellerHead Reason
PropellerHead Recycle
PropellerHead Reload
Adobe Soundbooth
Adobe Audition
Digital Field Recorders
MultiTrack Digital Recorders
In/Out Boards & interfaces
Proficiency and competence in Engineering, Mixing and Mastering
Instruments - Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Beat Boxes, Organs, Workstations
Audio Programmer

software is the same as EVERY other department.
This Unit is SPECIAL and members are also employed for their thinking skills and problem solving.
being able to draw and sketch gives you a better eye for capturing on the spot details.
an ability to paint aides the company as a whole.
skills in texturing 3d objects and characters will see you wearing many hats.
PhotoShop excellence will place you in many divisions and SPECIAL UNIT Projects.
Photography is another skill that can have you widely placed.
SPECIAL UNIT notes a team of SPECIAL INDIVIDUALS who are like Ninjas, taking care of MANY tasks under the GraFX Army umbrella.
Your ability to observe the various industries and mediums of art and entertainent while taking notes and sketching out new ideas is beyond VALUABLE. This SPECIAL UNIT in many ways create and solidify the GraFX Army's Pillars.

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